Internet connection blocked on Windows 10 systems to force business sale

The greedy dishonest indian tech and internet companies continue to falsely think that owning domains is very profitable, when there are many expenses involved. In the latest harassment in panaji, goa, the Internet connection was blocked on Windows 10 systems for the domain investor for most of the time since July 9, 2021 in panaji, goa to force business sale
They fail to realize that the business is not making a loss because of the time spent by the domain investor, 8-10 hours daily doing computer work, it will not run automatically, making a profit

Advertisement from ad network to pay for domain renewal expenses

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Website network continues to make a loss with advertising revenues very low.

Kindly note that the website network is making a loss, revenues are very low since CORRUPTION, nepotism, financial fraud, government slavery in ntro, raw, cbi since 2010 are exposed.

The information is only posted as a social service to help the ‘lower castes’ of india who are complaining of being EXPLOITED, DENIED INFORMATION (quoting, the business owner is a prolific writer, and well known domain investor worldwide, which helps in paying domain renewal fees.