This Protects My House on the Inside Too

When my father asked me if I had looked into getting ADT in Orlando, I had to tell him the truth. I had not, because I am always running short on time. My days are packed between the time I spend at work, the community work I do, and helping my friend who has major health issues. He told me that I needed to make time, but that is one of those things that I just kept putting on the back burner. Well, Dad took it upon himself to get the information on it so I did not have to.

He wanted to go ahead and order the installation, but he knew that I would need to arrange it in my schedule. Since I do work from home one day a week, that was actually the easy part. He told me that the security system he had picked out for me is actually better than what he was expecting. He knew that the neighborhood I am in is a pretty safe place, but he also knows that criminals can strike anywhere. But, he wanted me to have this system for more than just deterring criminals.

He ended up getting me the highest package. I told him I would pay for it, but he insisted that he wanted to do it for me. It includes security alarms at all of my doors and windows on the first floor, and the security system is tied into my smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors too. That is the part my dad really likes, and it is the part that I like best about it too. I am a single woman living on my own, so this security system is protecting me from dangers that not only lurk outside my house but also the ones that can be inside too!