My Mom Saved Me Money with a Coupon Code

I cannot imagine growing up in my parent’s era. Everything I do is based around technology, and they had virtually none when they were my age. I take a lot of videos with my phone as well as with my camera, and I like to spend a lot of time editing them into something pretty amazing. One of my favorite pieces of software is Hitfilm, which allows me to do all kinds of editing. The only reason I am even able to use it is because of a Hitfilm coupon code that my mom found me, so I guess there are still some things that I definitely can learn from my folks.

I was able to try a free trial which really piqued my interest because of all the really neat things I could do with this editing software. After my free trial was over, I wanted to buy it, and that is where my folks come in. I asked my mom if she could loan me the money, and she in turn asked me if I had looked for a lower price. I resisted rolling my eyes as I told her no, because I honestly didn’t think anything like that would exist for such a cool product.

Well, she did a really fast search, which blew my mind. I know my mom is into coupons and stuff, and that she does a bit of it online, but I had no idea she was such an online whiz! She was able to find me a coupon code that saved me 25 percent off the price, and I was able to get it at a fantastic price. My dad just sat back and chuckled at this interaction, probably amazed that I didn’t realize that they are both still pretty useful to me. It does make me appreciate them both a lot more!