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Cheapest printed kurti for women online in India, large size

Cheapest printed kurti for women online in India, large size
Price : Rs 111 only
Printed kurti for women , large size
Chest : 110 cm +
Length : 89 cm+
Manufacturing tolerance : +/- 5 cm
Round neck
Different types of neck available
Material : polyester cotton blend
Wrinkle proof, no ironing required
Printed Pattern available may differ from photo
Different colours available on request.
Short sleeves
Kurti with pocket also available
Ideal for daily use, travelling
Shipping extra
Payment by VPP only
Bulk discount available
Custom design available to meet target price
More details at
Please send your request to, and

Bulk buyers, marketing agency, retailers needed for innovative, inexpensive, recycled products

Marketing agency, Bulk buyers online and offline needed for sale on consignment basis, for a wide range of inexpensive ecofriendly recycled handmade products, excellent margin offered.
Product range will include
newspaper bags
plastic and foil pouches
garlands, door decor, party decor
paper/plastic flower necklaces, bracelets
paper beads, paper bead necklaces, bracelets
recycled handmade penstand
flower vases, containers for storing miscellaneous items like toothbrush, medicine tubes, combs, coins, shaving brushes,
Pots for growing plant
curtains for doors and windows
File folders, wall hanging
Bookmarks, greeting cards
Ideal for small retailers, shops selling ecofriendly products, online stores
New recycled products are added to the product range regularly
For details and pricing, send an email to, and

How to Invest in Gold and Other Precious Metals Through an Individual Retirement Account

Roth individual retirement accounts, also known as IRAs, must adhere to quite distinct regulations for being eligible for tax rewards. No matter if you actually select a Roth or traditional Retirement savings account, you have to know the guidelines as well as specifications before you decide to open your account to make sure you will be in conformity. Providing you stick to the principles from the tax guidelines, it will save you lots of money using an Retirement savings account. A retirement account isn’t a financial investment, but an investment product location where a particular person may hold their investment funds they want to use to pay for their own costs of living during their old age. Because it’s a long-term savings account, an individual retirement account is just not fluid. It is vital that you do have a strategy before you start incorporating financial assets to your IRA. The majority of young individuals add largely futures as well as other chancy assets while those people who are becoming even closer to age of retirement change to more secure investments and might get started investing in gold. The particular value for gold bars or coins is actually more inclined to be secure all through your actual retirement life. Therefore, simply by perhaps including gold bars or coins into a current Retirement savings account or possibly getting started any kind of Gold IRA, you can greatly reduce the possibilities of losing your own old age money to variations within the market.

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