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Review of booty bingo

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Small businesses and profits

While government officials can waste large amounts of tax payer money for their private interests often without being held accountable in any way, if a small business has to continue to exist, it has to be profitable. Hence the main focus of a small business is on making profits, increasing revenues and minimize expenses. If a business has been very profitable , it is always advisable to use these profits to build reserves, which can be used to tide over financial emergencies.

The business conditions for a business can change any time, due to circumstances beyond the business owners control, and it may take some time for the business to develop alternate revenue sources. For example the customer may turn hostile making fake complaints or shut down their business, new competitors offering lower prices may emerge, or a large company interested in a hostile takeover of a business may employ negative tactics to force a smaller business to sell out. Hence a business owner planning to be in business for long should always make a provision for bad times, when cash flow is poor.

Corporate espionage of large corporates, powerful officials

When jealous powerful fraud ntro, cbi, R&AW officials can waste infinite indian tax payer money to harass harmless Paypal account holders and domain investors in India, whatever work they do online will be sabotaged. So instead of wasting time and energy into doing any additional work online, which is likely to be sabotaged, it is better to relax and work offline which these powerful fraud officials cannot sabotage