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Online stores

Magento ecommerce platform is the best solution to develop online stores. The best ecommerce experience shows that last steps before payment are the most important in e-shopping. It’s a key point when client has to decide whether to make a purchase. GoMage offers the solution which optimizes all specific features of the one step checkout process. GoMage LightCheckout was one of the first extensions on the ecommerce market. Its quality was tested by many owners of online stores worldwide.

Risks of advertising based revenue

While advertising is an attractive source of revenue for many websites, as it is passive income, it is also a very risky model. An ad network may terminate its relationship anytime, without even giving a valid reason. Alternately the ad network may go out of business anytime, and the publisher will have to hunt for alternative sources of monetization.

Even if the ad network is paying on time, there is always a lot of inventory which remains unused, due to a decrease in the demand. For example, if 20 websites are listed on an ad network, and advertising is sold on only 5 websites, it is very expensive for the publisher, who still has to pay the expenses for the remaining 15 websites like domain registration, renewal without earning anything. Hence it is important to consider the cost benefit ratio while developing and designing multiple websites.

Small businesses and profits

While government officials can waste large amounts of tax payer money for their private interests often without being held accountable in any way, if a small business has to continue to exist, it has to be profitable. Hence the main focus of a small business is on making profits, increasing revenues and minimize expenses. If a business has been very profitable , it is always advisable to use these profits to build reserves, which can be used to tide over financial emergencies.

The business conditions for a business can change any time, due to circumstances beyond the business owners control, and it may take some time for the business to develop alternate revenue sources. For example the customer may turn hostile making fake complaints or shut down their business, new competitors offering lower prices may emerge, or a large company interested in a hostile takeover of a business may employ negative tactics to force a smaller business to sell out. Hence a business owner planning to be in business for long should always make a provision for bad times, when cash flow is poor.

OBC single woman engineer fights state sponsored fraud in India

Though google ceo sundar pichai and his wife anjali have a btech 1993 degree from IIT kharagpur, google and tata in India are allegedly involved in a major educational fraud bribing senior ntro and other intelligence, security agency officials to falsely claim that 8-10 google, tata sponsored frauds have the btech 1993 EE degree, resume,investment of their btech 1993 EE classmate, a harmless single woman engineer, who these fraud indian government employees hate, to get all these fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI/government jobs with fake resumes, investment.
The experienced single woman engineer who actually answered JEE and got a btech 1993 EE degree, india’s largest female domain investor is not getting anything, and is being criminally stalked and tortured with radiation weapons causing very great pain, especially in panaji, goa by the cruel criminal indian government employees on the payroll of google and tata.

In fact google, tata have ensured that the indian government wastes $18000 monthly in tax payer money for the last 6 years to ensure that the single woman obc engineer with a btech 1993 EE degree impersonated by the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees does not make any money online or offline, reducing her income to the minimum.

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Denial of information to cause losses

The best kept secret of the indian internet sector is how officials and companies will systematically refuse to provide any kind of information to specific customers, to force them to make wrong decisions, resulting in loss of reputation and losses. These officials are quick to criticize the person for the mistake, yet they alone are responsible for the problems as they have intentionally refused to provide information.

Fraud officials falsely claim that their friends are Paypal account holders

In a major case of impersonation fraud, powerful fraud ntro, cbi, R&AW officials are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy mediocre cheater friends and relatives are Paypal account holders to justify giving their fraud friends and relatives, great powers, lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW at the expense of the real Paypal account holder. None of the lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives of these powerful officials want to do any work, take any risk or spend any money online, yet want to falsely claim to own the domain names, Paypal account of a brilliant obc engineer, domain investor, who these powerful officials hate, to humiliate her and deny opportunities.

Fraud ntro officials exploit obc paypal account holder

In one the greatest sex, cheating, impersonation frauds, some extremely powerful cheater ntro officials are ruthlessly exploiting a harmless single woman obc paypal account holder for their personal gain for more than 5 years. These officials are status conscious and do not want to communicate with her, yet they falsely claim to be knowing her extremely well, so that they can steal her impressive resume for their lazy greedy inexperienced mediocre cheater friends and relatives, to get these fraud friends and relatives lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs.

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Managing a large network of websites not simple

Though webmasters, domain investors and Paypal account holders are defamed as uneducated fools in India doing no work at all, or that the work is extremely simple, managing a large network of websites can be very complex work. If the system admin is not interested, the downtime of the network will be higher and advertising revenues will get adversely affected.

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It is very easy to criticize, but those who criticize forget the old saying, when you point one finger at others, your remaining fingers point back at you. There are many people who may be jealous/want to take over a large website network, so they criticize the website network owner for whatever he or she does. Since they know they will never be able to develop or manage such a large website network themselves so they become jealous and try to pull down the website owner. Most of these critics do not have a single website of their own and do not have the skills or knowledge for the same or even willingness to spend the money online.

Criticism becomes relevant only when the critic has similar experience or knowledge. When a mediocre inexperienced person with very little indepth knowledge thinks he is “the expert” and passes judgement , it is best ignored. As they say, when a elephant walks, dogs bark.

Promotion on social media

The only way to publicize the sex, cheating, impersonation fraud of powerful NTRO, R&AW, CBI officials remains posting the news of the fraud on a large number of websites, to ensure that no more people are duped by the extremely powerful ntro officals who have no qualms abusing their powers for personal gain.