Instead of focusing on dance bars which make huge profits, officials harassing domain investors making almost no money

The bars in Mumbai, Thane are making huge profits, they can pay Rs 6 lakh monthly as hafta/bribes to different government officials. Domain investors make very less money, their revenues are less than Rs 6 lakh a year, and almost no profit
Yet indicating the ruthlessness of ntro, raw, cbi, since 2010, the government agencies are closely monitoring some domain investors denying them the right to privacy. The government employees forget that the domain investor is usually a qualified professional, with a degree, and very hardworking, they probably make far more if they had a job
There is no profit in owning domains, especially cheap domains, so government employees should harassing domain investors, focus on dance bars.

Only captcha typing websites are not cheating affiliates

Increasingly CPM, PPC ad networks, affiliate networks are cheating affiliates, getting visitors, branding, sales, or work, and not paying the affiliate or publisher any money at all.
Those who are not well connected, like the domain investor owning this website are worst affected, despite sending thousands of page views, hundreds of visitors, revenues are zero. The page views are then diverted to the account of government employees, Only the captcha typing websites are not cheating affiliates, they are tracking conversions accurately
So instead of wasting time on content, making websites which do not pay, it is better to develop captcha typing related websites like data entry, captcha typing jobs which is a review of all the captcha typing websites available online.

LIAR indian tech, internet companies led by google, tata falsely DUPING greedy government employees, politicians that loss making online businesses are making huge profits

fraud indian internet companies duping people that the income is automatic to increase harassment of indian paypal account holders
If people were aware that the legal paypal account holder is spending 10-15 hours daily sitting in front of the computer, without any holiday to make some money, they would not be interested in the work or taking over the business.

So to increase the harassment of the indian paypal account holders,google, tata, indian tech and internet companies are spreading false rumors that the money, is automatic, and just switching on the computer will help them make money.
Google, tata conveniently forget that for making Rs 3 lakh annually in advertising, Rs 4.5 lakh is spent on domain renewals, webhosting and other expenses, forget the labor cost of a highly skilled webmaster and are duping greedy politicians, government employees with their fake stories that the online business is very profitable to increase the harassment of the real business owner

This shows the complete lack of honesty and humanity of google, tata that they are shamelessly DUPING greedy government employees, politicians since 2010 with their FAKE STORIES

Paypal autowithdrawals delayed after indian government’s FINANCIAL, ICANN FRAUD on goa 1989 jee topper exposed

Paypal autowithdrawals delayed after indian government’s FINANCIAL, ICANN FRAUD on goa 1989 jee topper exposed
usually paypal with immediate withdraw the money from the account so that it reaches the bank account quickly. yet after the indian government’s FINANCIAL, ICANN FRAUD on goa 1989 jee topper was exposed, ntro, raw, cbi are not allowing the amount to be withdrawn so that their fraud for the last ten years is not exposed.
Payment received on 1 october 2020 was not withdrawn the same day, and similarly payment received on 5 october 2020, has not been withdrawn on the same day

In panaji, domain investor victim of crimes like criminal trespassing, burglary repeatedly

In panaji, owning an online business is risky because a domain investor becomes victim of crimes like criminal trespassing, burglary repeatedly without a legally valid reason. Due to lack of honesty and humanity of indian tech and internet companies, the online business owner is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner, and false rumors are spread.

The home of a private citizen is private property, and others do not have the right to criminally trepass on it.

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Panaji young gujju raw employee nikhil marketing fine wine, has no online income

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In addition to filing fake dengue cases against the domain investor every year, pran the balding bespectacled fraud husband of school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, also excels in promoting his lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, who do not do any computer work, as online experts, owning the domains, bank account of the domain investor, a single woman
However, after the domain investor has complained bitterly about the goa government online fraud, it appears that other intelligence agencies have confirmed that nikhil, a commerce graduate, is marketing fine wine, for one of his mother’s close associates parekh, and has no online income at all
The goa and indian government continues to dismiss all the complaints as spam, however other intelligence agencies who are more intelligent than R&AW/cbi decided to verify the facts since they would like to find out the truth while preparing their country reports
Yet raw continues with its falsely propaganda, defaming the real domain investor

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